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Brictek toy sets are made with high quality construction bricks that empower children through brick building creative play, which are fully compatible with other leading brands at a very competitive price.

8 in 1 Happy Farm 8-in-1 Train Station and Track
$CAD 149.99
$CAD 139.99
8 in 1 Farm by Bricktek 11805
This set includes a tractor, a harvester, barn area with crops, c...More
8-In-1 Train Station and Track by Bricktek 11703
This incredible set has everything a train eng...More
Educational Pack Helicopter Carrier
$CAD 309.99
$CAD 154.99
Educational Pack by Bricktek 19007
This value item is ideal for institutions. Contains doors, w...More
Helicopter Carrier by Bricktek 15405
Build this multi-capacity ship. Featuring two helicopters...More
Navy Cruiser Police Academy
$CAD 259.99
$CAD 149.99
Navy Cruiser by Bricktek 15403
Build this magnificent 41-inch-long warship featuring two rotati...More
Police Academy by Bricktek 11009
Protect and assist the community with this huge POLICE set. Bu...More
$CAD 114.99
SID, MANNY, DIEGO & SCRAT by Bricktek 60916
This is our biggest Ice Age™ building set yet, with...More
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