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Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty...from France.
Authentic and inspired toys. A timeless world to be discovered through the eyes of a child.

Activity Playmat Cat Bumper Car
$CAD 249.99
$CAD 274.99
Activity Playmat Cat by Moulin Roty
Activity mat in the shape of a plump cat, soft and cuddly, c...More
Bumper Car by Moulin Roty
Ride-on bumper car, with its curvy shape and 1960s colours. Beech wit...More
Cat Ride-On Moustaches Ride On Cat
$CAD 249.99
$CAD 274.99
Cat Ride-On
Cat pull along stroller made of wood and foam, very comfortable.
Size: 44 x 24...More
Moustaches Ride On Cat by Moulin Roty 666740
Ride-on toy with multi-directional casters for the...More
Papoum Toy Chest Puppet Theatre, Blue
$CAD 249.99
$CAD 499.99
Papoum Toy Chest by Moulin Roty
This large taupe coloured toy chest decorated with a savannah ...More
Puppet Theatre, Blue by Moulin Roty
Large wooden theatre painted midnight blue and scattered wi...More
Rabbit Ride-On Race Car (red-silver)
$CAD 249.99
$CAD 299.99
Rabbit Ride-On
Rabbit ride-on made of wood and foam, very comfortable.
Size: 49 x 19 x 50 ...More
Race Car, red-silver by Moulin Roty 720113
Red and silver race car
Dimensions: 48 x 18 x 3...More
Sheep Ride-On Table & Chairs with Animal prints
$CAD 249.99
$CAD 574.99
Sheep Ride-On
To develop a childs motor skills and roam over the steppes! Ride-on sheep with mu...More
Table & Chairs with Animal prints by Moulin Roty
Includes 1 round Table and 3 Chairs (hippo, l...More
Wendy's House (new) Zig et Zag rocking horse
$CAD 449.99
$CAD 299.99
Wendy's House by Moulin Roty
The gorgeous pink-purple Wendy house
The perfect house every...More
Zig et Zag by Moulin Roth 659730
Zadig becomes a rocking horse, to develop a childs motor skill...More
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