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Allosaurus Dinosaurs (3 pack)
$CAD 34.99
$CAD 13.50
Allosaurus by Schleich 16460
With horns above its eyes and claws on its hands, Allosaurus would...More
Dinosaurs by Schleich
This 3 in a pack dinosaurs include:
Velociraptor: Intelligent dinos...More
Giganotosaurus Quetzalcoatlus
$CAD 28.00
$CAD 34.99
Giganotosaurus by Schleich 16464
Potentially more powerful than T-Rex, Giganotosaurus was about...More
Quetzalcoatlus by Schleich 16463
Quetzalcoatlus was the largest flying creature ever to be foun...More
Saichania Spinosaurus
$CAD 29.75
$CAD 29.75
Saichania by Schleich 16461
Shielded on each part of its body, Saichania was heavy on the armor...More
Spinosaurus by Schleich 16459
Spinosaurus had an unmistakable fan-shaped fin on its back. This...More
Tyrannosaurus Rex
$CAD 19.75
Tyrannosaurus Rex by Schleich 16454
Towering over other dinosaurs, the terrible T-Rex ran swift...More
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