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TFH - Special Needs Toys

Caterpillar Wall Panel Gravity Wonder Wall
$CAD 2 349.99
$CAD 3 999.99
Caterpillar Wall Panel
Five different panels create a wall of fun based on a friendly caterpill...More
Gravity Wonder Wall
"The latest addition to our Wonder Wall range, this beautiful moving sculp...More
Roller Ramp Slide Sights and Sounds Panel
$CAD 3 299.99
$CAD 3 799.99
Roller Ramp Slide by TFH 8emrs
Offer sensory stimulation, heavy work, bilateral coordination an...More
Sights and Sounds Panel
Sights and Sounds Panel has moving parts, discs to spin, bells to ring ...More
Textured Wonder Wall
$CAD 3 199.99
Textured Wonder Wall
A completely new range of Tactile walls. Art-work that you want to touch,...More
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