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Haba Desk Accessories

Beetle Design Mouse Pad Beetle Design Pencil Box Set
$CAD 10.00
$CAD 16.00
Beetle Design Mouse Pad by Haba 1543
Materials: foam with laminated surface and non-slip bottom...More
Beetle Design Pencil Box Set by Haba 1542
Includes pencil box, 2 pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpn...More
Cello Chicken Tape with replaceable tape roll Desk Top Set Little Horse
$CAD 19.99
$CAD 42.00
Cello Chicken Tape by Haba 1793
Includes replaceable tape roll
Item size: 15 mm wide ...More
Desk Top Set Little Horse by Haba 1871
Includes: Pencil Holder, 2 Pencils, 1 Ruler, and 1 Erase...More
Frog Double Pencil Sharpner Mobile Pencil Holder Nils
$CAD 15.00
$CAD 14.99
Frog Double Pencil Sharpner by Haba 1715
Can be used for triangular pencils as well
Mobile Pencil Holder Nils by Haba 1663
Includes removable pencil head "Nils" and colored pencil ...More
Nils Nele Desktop Set Nils Nele Noteholder
$CAD 28.50
$CAD 28.50
Nils Nele Desktop Set by Haba 1668
Includes 1 pencil, 1 push on head and 10 memo cards.
Nils Nele Noteholder by Haba 1662
Includes pencils and 500 notes with 2 removable pencil head, ...More
Note Clip Jill Note Clip Jimmy
$CAD 10.00
$CAD 10.00
Note Clip Jill by Haba 1717
Height: 15 cm ...More
Note Clip Jimmy by Haba 1709
Height: 15 cm ...More
Notefella with Note Papers Pencil Case
$CAD 23.99
$CAD 24.50
Notefella by Haba 1759
Includes Note Papers
Product Size: 12 x 12 x 14 cm
Robust Nylon Fabric Washable Pencil Case by Haba 1613
This pencil case is in the shape of a Shu...More
Pencil Holder Francis Pencil Holder Fred
$CAD 24.50
$CAD 24.50
Pencil Holder Francis by Haba 1757
Product Size: 6.5 x 8 cm
Pencil Holder Fred by Haba 1758
Product Size: 6.5 x 8 cm ...More
Pencil Set
$CAD 13.00
Pencil Set Little Horse by Haba 1872
Pencil with stick on eraser. Each set includes 2 Pencils w...More
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