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Car Seat Cover Pink

Car Seat Cover Pink - Regular Winter by Petit Coulou

This Pink Seat Cover includes baby's hat (3 months / 6 months)

Petit Coulou® , regular winter is an innovative comforter that replaces the snowsuit and perfectly fits any baby’s car seat. The car seat straps adjust perfectly and easily to your baby’s size and weight. Due to its unique shape, it protects your baby from the cold, wind, snow, rain, bright lights and noise with lots of wiggle room. Petit Coulou recreates the prenatal environment for your baby.

Safe and easily installed and removed without ever disrupting your sleeping child. It's a must, straight out from the hospital with your new-born and for all future outings: relatives, friends, doctor, shopping center, restaurants, etc. Going out with your baby will never be so easy and pleasant ! When ready to go out, simply put a hat on the baby, fasten the car seat belt, raise the zipper of the Petit Coulou and there you go !

Can be used from September to March and allows easy adjustment to temperature changes of our winters.

4 protections: cold / wind / snow / rain / temperature (down to -25C)

Made in Canada



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